Unsolicited Pleasures

It was my last week in Spain and I was in the midst of visiting all those places I had put off seeing since arriving there. Let me tell you that condensing fun into a tight and efficient schedule is the furthest thing from fun. When you live somewhere you don’t visit the local sights, … Continue reading Unsolicited Pleasures


Someone’s Gotta Get Stabbed

The cookie in my fingers started to feel a bit feeble. I figured I had a few more seconds, tops, to retrieve the sunken cookie out of my coffee, lest the one in my fingers suffer the same fate as his fallen companion. I was seated at an outdoor cafe in Chiclayo, Peru, and was … Continue reading Someone’s Gotta Get Stabbed

Racing Through the Andes: the Reaper Drives Standard

I had just received a job teaching English in a remote jungle town in Peru, and to reach the almost-isolated town I was forced to take a small transport van through the Peruvian mountains. The following is an excerpt from the trip. "The route from Cusco to Quillabamba rivaled a vomit-inducing theme-park ride, minus the … Continue reading Racing Through the Andes: the Reaper Drives Standard